Powerbitches is a deeply connected community of feminist creators, entrepreneurs, and changemakers. Our mission is to grow and support the feminist movement by connecting womxn doing powerful, purpose-driven work across industries, cities and continents.

Powerbitches began in 2016 as a circle of friends who came together informally over brunch in New York City to talk about the projects we were working on, brainstorm ideas, and support each other through our challenges.

We were advocates, entrepreneurs, creators, educators, and changemakers. And like Zordon called on the Power Rangers to protect the universe, we called on our fellow Powerbitches for honesty, inspiration, and a sense of community in doing work that, while rewarding, could at times feel like an uphill battle. 

Powerbitches launched its paid membership community in 2018, wanting to create a networking space unlike any we’d been part of before: where everyone in the room was driven by a sense of vision and purpose, based on active conversation rather than the passive consumption of ideas, and where relationships were able to grow over time and repeat interaction.

Today, Powerbitches connects a powerful online and offline community through live events, informative content, and a private listserv. 

Our monthly Salons bring together intimate tables of influential womxn in conversation with trailblazers whose work is transforming culture and upending old power dynamics, hosted over a three-course meal. 

Our Gather events host conversations about the issues that matter: from feminist business principles, to diversity and inclusion, to radical generosity, to what we can collectively do to ensure that mission-driven work isn’t systematically underpaid. 

And our Brains Trusts and members-only Listserv provide a confidential space to test new ideas and work through the common challenges we face as leaders, creators, and innovators.

Join our conversation and community. Become a Powerbitches member today.