Event types

Our live events are the heart of our community: the space where we come together to collaborate, get inspired, and dig deep into the specific challenges of ambitious, purpose-driven work.


Our regular events include:


Powerbitches Gather

Members-only discussions that dig deep into the common challenges we face as women doing ambitious, purpose-driven work: from raising money, to commanding authority, to making sure we run our businesses in a way that aligns with our values.


Powerbitches Salons

Intimate dialogues with women whose work is shaping conversations and disrupting existing power dynamics, held over a three-course dinner in Williamsburg. (Open to non-members.)


Powerbitches Brainstrusts

Mastermind-style events where members are invited to present challenges they’re facing and new ideas they’re working on for feedback from the group


Powerbitches Cowork

Casual events where members gather for quiet coworking or collaboration, with dedicated time for conversation or collaboration over lunch.