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Powerbitches Gather: We Need to Talk About Money

  • Bleecker Street New York, NY United States (map)

Members-only event. Full address and RSVP here.

As women doing innovative, purpose-driven work, we face unique challenges that the standard advice around women and money doesn't account for.

We want the things we're creating to exist as much as we want to be financially rewarded for them, which means we're susceptible to systemic underpayment. Many of us are working without the safety net of a salaried job, which means we're in a constant state of (re)negotiating our worth. 

Then there are the deep seated (and dare we say, gendered!) stigmas like the idea that making money off purpose-driven work is selfish, or the assumption that if you really cared about the work you're doing or the people you're serving, you'd work for free. 

But money can be a tool for good, as well. And earning more of it doesn't just mean greater financial independence and security - both of which are important in their own right. It means more money to make the projects you're working on more powerful, and to pass on to other people you believe are doing valuable work: whether that means paying your own contractors a better rate, investing in someone's crowdfunder or startup, buying a work by an artist you love, or purchasing products and services that pay the people who make them a living wage.

In other words, you earning more money benefits the entire ecosystem you are a part of.

Our March event begins a conversation about how we can shift that ecosystem, both individually and systemically. We'll delve into - and challenge - some of the negative beliefs we've been taught when it comes to money. We'll share practical strategies we've employed when it comes to setting rates, budgets, and fundraising. And we will brainstorm ways we can better grow not just our own bank accounts, but those of our entire community.

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