Our members 


Powerbitches welcomes women across all industries and sectors who are changing conversations, shifting power dynamics, and reshaping the world through their work. We look for members who share our values of impact, connection, egalitarianism, and authenticity, and who are willing to generously share their knowledge, resources, and lived experience with the rest of the community.


Our members include:

  • a viral hip-hop artist

  • a documentary filmmaker who premiered her first film at the Obama White House

  • an advocate who brought 500 mothers and babies to the United Nations for International Women’s Day

  • a researcher on prison reform

  • a senior corporate consultant

  • an award-winning author

  • a policy advisor to the New York Mayor’s office

  • numerous founders and entrepreneurs

  • journalists for Glamour, Rolling Stone, The Cut, the New York Times, the Atlantic, and Ms Magazine

… and more.

What unites them is the ambition and purpose of the work they are bringing into the world.