Our values



We believe that work matters: not just as a source of economic security or personal fulfilment, but as a space through which we impact and remake the world. Our ambition is underlined by a sense of purpose: Powerbitches members start companies, make art, and go to work on a Tuesday morning because they are driven to positively impact the world in some way.



At a moment where community is forged increasingly online, we believe in the power of meeting face-to-face. We keep our events deliberately small to create an environment of active connection rather than passive consumption. The Powerbitches membership model allows relationships to build over time through repeat interactions at multiple events. Our leadership know the name and work of every one of our members, and strive to ensure that when you walk into one of our events you feel immediately welcomed.



Powerbitches Salon speakers don’t preach from a distance on a stage. They sit at the table with the rest of our guests, where you can meet and interact with them on equal footing. We cultivate an environment of support and mutual respect, believing that all our members have something to learn from each other.



Powerbitches events are low on small talk, cutting right to the chase on the issues facing our members. We believe that when we talk about things that matter, we forge deeper, more authentic connections with one another. We don’t present a sunny, social media-ready version of our successes and failures, but speak honestly about the challenges we’re facing and the grind happening behind the scenes of our successes.